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In this fast growing era, people are totally depending on the IT world. In earlier times, all people used to do their work with their hands, but now everyone has been set on machines. The work that took 15 or more days to be done by hand is now done by machines in a few minutes. There are lots of innovative as well as highly functional machines are available now, which make your work easy and effective also like a computer, internet and many more.

Among all machines, the printer is well-known the innovative machine. This powerful machine is highly demanded in the market by the users because of its ultimate functionality. With the help of this machine, you can print lots of papers at the same time within a couple of seconds without putting any extra efforts. It is an amazing product that makes your printing work easy and effective as well.

But as everyone knows, the machine has its own working life. It requires periodic maintenance to work properly. If you are facing any issue regarding your printer as well as your PC then take services of Printer Offline. In case you’re still not able to get your printer back online, contact the Printer Offline Support now or call us at the toll-free number.

Issues related to Printers & their Solutions

Some of the common difficulties which are commonly faced by computer users are paper jam, spooler problems, ghosting problems, previously lined documents do not get cancelled, driver missing for particular operating systems, ink smearing problems, documents fail to print, printer not identified by the PC, printer not connected to the network, printer showing offline, issues with solution centers, and many more.

All the difficulties mentioned above are only the symptoms of some deep-rooted technical issues. You may follow these simple troubleshooting tips in order to find some possible solutions to these issues –

1) Make sure that the printer is plugged in: First of all, you require to check whether your printer is powered on. It appears at times that you forget to power on your printer, and keep wondering throughout the day about what is wrong with your printer.

2) Check whether the paper tray is loaded: Check whether the paper tray is loaded with papers or not. If there are no papers in the tray, then you have to refill it. You should keep some free space in the paper tray in order to smoothen the printing method.

The problem might also be with the printer driver software. If you still have not installed the software then you must install it, in order to use of your printer. In that case, you need to re-install the driver software

On-the-spot solutions to Printer issues

If the above solutions are not enough for you to fix your issues, then you need more advanced troubleshooting. In that case, you must avail the services of technical support. Moreover, the remote Printer offline support services are available round the clock, throughout the year, at most reasonable prices. Sometimes it happens that your printer stops working. If you find out then there are some essential steps to ensure that you can be printing again soon and if you don’t know how to fix it, visit at and take improving services of Printer Offline.

The reasons for printer showing offline

1) Printer Connectivity: It is the first and foremost thing which you should do during troubleshooting. Sometimes the cord of your printer does not plug perfectly and your printer won’t be working because it has no power. So, first of all, check out the power supply cord is plugged or not.

2) Ink cartridges:This is also a very important thing on which you should pay attention.

3) Error message: you see any type of error message on your computer, then look at your manual.

If your printer is showing offline then consider rebooting to troubleshoot. Rebooting the system can help very effectively to resolve the ‘printer offline’ problem. When you reboot your system, it shuts down and is switched on again. This kick starts the printer and it can come back online. Rebooting can work for both wireless printer and the network printer.

Printer’s issues are recurrent and should be dealt with urgency.

What to do if Printer Showing Offline?

Printer showing offline is a basic issue that you may face regularly. There are many different reasons for printer going offline. The issue can be resolved at the same time whereas the other times the fixing process a bit annoying and might need expert help.

This is what you can do if your printer is offline

1) Restart the System

By far the simplest way to fix an offline printer is to restart the system. A reboot can fix common problems with a printer that may cause it to suddenly show up as offline. Press the Power key on your printer until it shuts off, or remove the power wire from the printer.

2) Check Connection Problems:

A printer may also go offline if it has become disconnected from your PC. If your printer is connected via a USB wire to your computer, you may be able to resolve the offline problem by unplugging it and plugging it again into a different USB port.

3) Fix Paper Jam Issue

Paper jam inside the printer can be one of the reason why printer shows offline. You can fix this by opening the printer tray and remove jam papers safely and place it properly so that the printer can do the proper printing.

4) Set Default Printer

If resetting your printer and checking for paper jam problems don’t resolve your offline printer, then you may require to set the default printer again to fix the concern. You can go to devices and printers options and tick the box that says use printer offline. This should fix the problem and the printer should return online.

If all other steps fail you then seek the professional technical help.

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Toshiba Printer

Toshiba is a recognizable brand when it comes to printers.

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The problem of Zebra Printer offline is far more prevalent

Why does Printer Say Offline?

Get quick customer support from our highly skilled team of an expert so you can enjoy the best printer services. There are various reasons because of which users may be feigned with the printer offline error. However, they should avoid panicking as it is one of the commonly occurring issues with printers. There can be peculiar reasons owing to which this error may happen.

One of the reasons behind the printer says offline error can be irregular connectivity between the network and the printer.

Additionally, it can be induced when it has been set offline involuntarily. The error requires solutions in order to execute printing jobs without any interruptions. In such a case, the quickest and simplest approach will be to call the technical customer support. Our team of experts will guide you properly on how to resolve the glitches. Also, provide 24*7 availability for the users. Some of the technical support services also offer remote assistance. You can call us anytime from anywhere we are always available round the clock to fix the technical concerns.