The most common Windows operating systems are Windows 7 and Windows 8. Both OS gives a very unique characteristic HomeGroup which enables the user to make a small group of PC through which they can share documents, music and video files. HomeGroup has privileges to share hardware, internet connection and even enjoy playing multi-user games with your mates

The printer is a very common device which holds a special corner in the corporate offices of every organization. It is the one who is liable for altering the data stored in the PC to the paper. This data includes text documents and pictures. With the progress of technology, we have printers which are able to print data even from smartphones, cameras, and so on. Even we don’t have to bring the device near to the printer for taking prints of data. All this is possible due to wireless technology. Windows 7/8 offers a very useful feature “HomeGroup” which enable a user to make a small group of the network.

You have two processes by which you can share a printer on a network:

  • Shared.
  • Network.

Shared Printer: In this method, it is connected to one of the printer and member of the HomeGroup can use this through the Network folder. This approach has one drawback that you always have to keep open the host computer. Procedure for connecting this to the HomeGroup:

  • Enter on the Start key and then tap on Control Panel. In the control window type HomeGroup in the search box and select it.
  • Verify that Printers check-box is marked and then Cache changes.

Then go to your network and install the Printer driver through the shared Network folder already in your Home Group. Follow these guidelines:

  • Agree on the Start switch and tick the Control Panel.
  • Confirm that you have permission to access this if not then get it from IT admin of HomeGroup.
  • Then, select install Printer to install the driver needed for the Printer.

Now you can use this through an application by clicking on Print option present in the Menu bar.

Drawbacks of Shared Printer:

This approach has one limitation that you always have to keep open the host interface for executing every duty concerning the use of outer hardware like Scanner. You can Contact us on the Printer Support Phone Number for any guidance regarding your printer and we will provide you best Printer technical support for the same.

If you still have any difficulty while sharing a printer through your computer setup in the Home Group then you can use the online technical support services provided by printer offline. They provide 24*7 services for 365 days.

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