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Zebra Printer keeps Going Offline

The issue of Zebra Printer offline is more common than you think. This can happen due to technical reasons. If your Zebra Printer is offline you need to recognize the issue. Based on that query you need to ask the necessary guidance. Sometimes the problem is very basic such as bad internet and USB connection whereas sometimes it is technical and requires to be directed by the experts.

Zebra Printer Offline Support

If you have been facing the Zebra Printer offline issue, you can directly communicate with the Printer Offline support team. They will help you in the possible way.

There are a few basic reasons why the Zebra Printer goes offline:

Zebra Printer Driver Issue: when the driver becomes outdated, the printer begins causing difficulties. It prevents printing and becomes detached from the network.

Internet Connectivity: if there is a discontinued USB connection or the Internet connection the printer can go offline. The users must look for any loose wiring and detached USB connection in order to fix the query.

Printer settings: The printer settings can also drive to a disconnection between the PC and the printer. You require to modify the printer settings by visiting the print spooler window and bring the printer back online.

If you have any sort of questions related to products or services offered by Zebra, then it’s strongly suggested to speak their expert.

How to Troubleshoot a Zebra Printer?

Zebra printers are commonly quite safe and easy to work on, but having some fundamental zebra printers troubleshooting skills at your disposal will assist you to avoid difficulties before they get out of hand.

  • Open the Zebra printer using the key on the side. The specific place of this key varies from model to model, so be sure to consult the website if you have difficulty finding it.
  • Remove the roll of tags from inside the printer, being careful to eliminate any jammed designs that may be sticking to the inside of the printer. Any labels where the backing has come loose should be dismissed.
  • Replace the roster of labels or insert a current roll. Print a test label and make sure the printer is working correctly.
  • Check the Zebra site for an updated driver. If the printer is not being identified by the network, the driver may be corrupt or out-of-date. Download the driver for your printer, run the setup application and try the print function again.

How to download or update Zebra printer drivers?

Download or update Zebra printer drivers manually:
You can download the driver for your printer from the Zebra site, and manually install it in your workstation.

  • Go to Zebra Help support.
  • Search for your printer model. You can find it from the search box by accessing the printer model, or you can do it by navigating to the product list.
  • On the support page, enter the Drivers tab.
  • Then click Download to download the file.
  • Run the downloaded file, and follow the wizard to end.

Hope, this will helps you in downloading or updating Zebra printer drivers. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us on our toll-free number.

How to Contact Zebra Printer Support?
Zebra Printer Technical Support Number is available 24*7 for their users. You can search for help in their discussion board or community. Get on the spot help for Zebra Printer support. You can directly call on the toll-free number we are here to help you anytime.